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I’ve been writing my entire life, but so have you. And also like you, I love tv and movies like the surrogate family, friends and teachers that they are. I only arrived at screenwriting after I got over my fear that I wasn’t good enough, special enough, focused enough to be among the few who could possibly “make it”. I’m over all that now. I’m now a professional screenwriter and filmmaker living in Hollywood. Along the way I’ve helped other writers with notes that resulted in high placement and awards for their scripts from top contests like Academy Nicholl, Austin Film Fest, and Final Draft Big Break (see testimonials)

There are infinite paths to success as a screenwriter but they all start with a great script. Your stories and your ability to execute them is all that matters. If you’ve managed to get those stories into script form, congratulations! Now it’s time to make that script as perfect as it can be so that it can be realized on the screen. I can help.

I find joy and enlightenment in exploring dark stories. If you write thrillers, horror or dark comedies, we speak the same language. Of course I love great scripts from any genre and am also happy to help anyone who might want to explore the shadowy edges of storytelling within whatever they're working on.


In the past 3 years I’ve gone from writing my first screenplays, to winning awards, getting repped and optioned, selling scripts and being hired to write articles about the craft and business of screenwriting for Final Draft Inc

My first feature, SCORPIONS, is being packaged by a prominent production company and has a notable genre director attached. It reached #1 in Genre and top 1% overall on Coverfly's Red List, Final Draft Big Break's Top 10 2021, QF in Austin Film Festival 2021, and earned me a spot on ISA's Top 25 Screenwriters to Watch of 2022.

My pilots, HARDCORE '86 and CITY OF SOULS made top 20 on Coverfly's Redlist, Top 100 in Launch Pad's Pilot Competition, Semifinalist in ScreenCraft's Screenwriting Fellowship and have garnered many more laurels and accolades.


My self-produced horror short ART KILLS won numerous awards from indie film fests and caught the attention of producer Jakob Pollack of Vertigo Entertainment, leading to a "First-Look" agreement. 

My latest feature script SPIDERS has gained interest and meetings from several producers and studios.

There’s more, but you get the picture.

You’ll receive an interactive .pdf with notes integrated into your script and either a 1 hour phone consult or at least 1000 words of comprehensive written notes within 2 days (phone consult preferred). I’m happy to sign an NDA if required. 

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